Window Treatments for Windows in the Corner

A couple of corner windows in many homes provide an excellent view and adequate lighting, but they also present a challenge when it comes to planning cohesive corner window treatments. You need the coverage to compliment the two windows without making the corner look abnormal or bulky because they are so close together.

When it comes to cornering window treatments, you can go as plain or as elaborate as you want. A couple of coordinated window shades, one for each windowpane, is a simple and effective solution. We’ve compiled a list of corner window treatment ideas to assist you in finding the best window treatments for your space. Take a look at the suggestions provided.

Ideas for Window Treatments

  • Sheers and Valances: Valences are a simple way to dress up corner windows by coordinating them with valances to draw attention to them. Add sheers for a new look if you need a little extra protection or want to control the lighting.
  • Solidity with Wispy Sheers: If you have tall corner windows, you have a unique option for covering them. Choose a sheers-hanging valance. Then, in the corner, assemble the sheers to give the room a wispy appearance while also bringing the room together.
  • Concealed: Broaden the curtain treatment past the edges to hide a corner window. The curtains appear to be one continuous board that curves around the corner to conceal a unique type of window.
  • Corner casements: Basic blinds work well when two small casement windows are grouped in a corner. The blinds create a tangled search for those two windows, as well as the taller windows elsewhere in the room.
  • Mirror representation: Using matching, complex window treatments that characterize each window in a private space creates a lovely balance. This option also allows you to open each window treatment independently.
  • Because corner windows are exposed to cold breezes from two directions, consider cell or honeycomb blinds that will effectively shut out light and provide protection while also protecting the room. Blind ties are a trendy way to put together corner window treatments. Consider giving each corner window its wrap board instead of a standard draw-down window blind. Make an effort to match the curtains to the rest of the room.
  • Curtains for a Relaxing Spot: Some corner windows are too close together to use different window treatments. Rather than attempting to cram them in, integrate the windows with massive, streaming curtains on every corner window. It gives the room a luxurious appearance while also making it appear larger. Furthermore, it creates a relaxing, calm environment in the space.
  • Fruitful repetition: A top treatment that rehashes, similar to the circles and decorations on a valance, aids in smoothing the turn for taller windows that meet at the corner. Strong tones also help to draw attention to the charming feasting alcove.

Legacy Blinds MFG has the highest quality window treatments for your corner windows. We can assist you in enhancing your home with corner windows, and with a wide range of smooth shades, blinds, and draperies to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.