Shop for window blinds in Grand Prairie at the best rates in the market

Legacy Blinds has been the leading supplier of blinds for windows in Grand Prairie for the past twenty years. We have offered our services to residential and commercial properties and have a strong customer base in the region who continue to affiliate with us for our impeccable service and premium quality products. We keep the latest designs, patterns, and fabrics and you will also find the traditional blinds in their classic patterns. Our services include supplying and installing window treatments in Grand Prairie and to this end, we offer a range of products besides blinds such as shutters and shades.

Get the versatility of window shades in Grand Prairie with the latest features and functionalities

Irrespective of the décor of the room, we are sure we will have multiple options in window coverings in Grand Prairie to complement the interiors. We offer 3D and laser printing options in shades to materialize your vision of the window dressing in a cost-effective solution. Our collection of roman shades in Grand Prairie has been installed in hospitals and kitchens, kindergartens, and playschools as well as commercial offices. They are easy to handle, look grand or understated (as the décor needs), and easy to maintain. You can choose from a wide range of opaque and sheer materials for the right amount of heat and light control.

Add the charm of window shutters in Grand Prairie to your home

Window shutters have a charming effect and though we mostly associate them with country homes, there are options in plantation shutters in Grand Prairie that will look good with all kinds of décor. You don’t need an expert eye to show you that the window shutter can be painted in cheerful blues and greens to accentuate the window sitting space in your kitchen or the quiet reading nook you have created for yourself in your room. In both spaces, the window shutter will offer privacy and ample view of the outside. You can install the shutters outdoors or indoors for accentuating any part of the house.

Layer your window coverings in Grand Prairie for better accents and functions

If you have wall-to-wall windows, French windows, or double windows, you can choose to layer them with shades and shutters for additional cover and accenting. They will enhance the window design and highlight its features. Also, the easy operations will help you manage the coverings, how much of each should be opened or shut for the right amount of light penetration in the room. With automated vertical blinds in Grand Prairie, you can choose a single-window dressing for the window that will slide open, or the vanes will open or close just enough at the press of a button.

We offer automated operations for blinds and shades which are modern features that will allow you to remotely control the window dressing without getting hassled with cords. Choose your window treatments in Grand Prairie as per the requirements of your room and your tastes as they will be part of your home or workspace for the long term.