• Horizontal shadings combine draperies, roller shades, and blinds into one exquisite and stylish design. These soft shades are constructed of 3 ½”, 4”, 8” fabric vanes in front of sheers. Not only are they beautiful, but they roll up and disappear into cassette for clear view.
  • Three dimensional environment friendly products.
  • Enjoy the natural light and high quality. There is a fun look at the world beyond the window.
  • Non-chemical coating, non-chemical adhesives, non-health risks


  • Filters the strong sunlight thru the sheers. The interior space looks soft, cozy, and protects furniture from color fading and discoloration caused by ultraviolet ray – brings spectacular beauty of light by tilting vanes.
  • Energy savings
  • Wide visibility and privacy
  • Adjust the amount of natural light entering the interior because you can control the angle of vanes.
  • Ensuring a clean appearance when rolling up into cassette for a clear view.
  • Tilting and roll up by continuous cord or motorization
  • Pattern designed-Eden (3 ½” Vanes), Reflex Eden (4” Semi Black out Vanes), Blackout Eden (4” Vanes) , Pallas (8” Vanes) and Pallas Blackout (8” Vanes)