• The combi shades is combining the advantages of blinds and roller shades. It produces a variety of mood by the control of view and natural light. The two pieces of fabric with blockages and visible part are repeated at regular intervals controlling the view and light by a roller system. Combi shades are much more practical and softer nuances compared to regular blinds. It is a roll system product to block the light and protecting your privacy and also a better fit for any décor creating the ultimate effect to produce a soft atmosphere.
  • The heating and cooling effect is superior due tobeing manufactured with dual structure
  • Line flame retardant treatment to remove harmful chemicals. Has non-chemical coating, non- chemical adhesives to give an additional positive feature


  • Filters the strong sunlight through the combi shades, the interior look is soft and cozy through light filtering affection. There is the protection of furniture from color fading and discoloration caused by ultraviolet ray, it brings to the spectacular beauty of light by tilting of vanes.
  • Energy-saving sheers create heat boundary.
  • Adjust the amount of natural light entering the interior
  • Ensuring a clean appearance when rolled up into cassette for clear view.
  • The fabric is not discolored by UV rays