Rustic décor places the emphasis on using natural or natural-like elements around the house. Rustic elements can include the use of stone, wood, canvas, burlap etc. for accents and other design elements in any space. But then should you let the wooden windows be in the plain boring styles just to keep up with the rustic look in the house? No, not at all! Now, you can use wood or wood-style window treatments to jazz up your space in true rustic style.

Consider these tips to create a rustic look at home with wood window treatments.

Choose window treatments first

There is merit to choosing window treatments first and then matching the rest of the décor around it. If you are designing a house from scratch or redecorating then it makes sense to take care of the windows first. This way you get to play a bit more around with blinds, shades, or shutters and not feel restricted by the existing décor.

Wood Blinds –

Wood Blinds not only look good on windows of any style, these also offer light-filtering and energy-efficiency capabilities. These are ideal to use in the kitchen, the dining area, smaller-sized living areas and other rooms as well. These are available in numerous stains including natural wood finishes.

Decorative ideas around it –

Add a reclaimed wood table by the window and place stone vases on it. Place natural or artificial flowers in bright colors to beautify the space. You can try this placement in the living room, bedrooms, and even in the dining area. You can also use stools of different sizes by the windows with Wooden Blinds and place one distinct element on each. Some ideas can be stones inside a wooden bowl, use of brass knick-knack, or a stained glass lampshade for a bit of sparkle a midst all the wood.

Plantation shutters –

Plantation shutters date back to the era of the plantation houses in the US. This shutter style looks luxurious and adds a classic touch to any space. Plantation shutters are durable and have really good light-controlling abilities. You can find them in distinct finishes and stains. To enhance the rustic element, you can even choose plantation shutters in distressed finishes.

Decorative ideas around it –

Use vintage-style tables, stools, vanities, and cabinets in rooms where you use plantation shutters. If you use the shutters in white, choose really deep wooden elements to place around it. Pop the colors around plantation shutters in the form of bright cushions, sofas, or curtains. Pair deep brown plantation shutters in the living room with white curtains, sofas in neutral shades, and place some mellow yellow cushions on them.

Identify window treatments to go with your existing décor.

If you want to change your window treatments without modifying your existing décor much, you can easily do so too.

Woven Shades –

Choose Shades made with reeds, bamboo, yarns, or grass to highlight your home in truly nature-inspired elements.

Decorative ideas around it –

Shades of pink and lilac can do wonders around such natural-looking shades. Use of natural plants in big planters in white or natural clay shades can further enhance your living space.

Faux wood Blinds –

If you want the look of the Wooden Blinds without actually using the wooden window treatments then choose the faux kind. Many brands custom design faux blinds as per their customers’ needs.

Decorative ideas around it –

Use stone and other wooden elements around the Faux Blinds to bring everything together. Stick to natural elements in materialistic styles to augment the décor. Use furnishings in floral prints to further augment the rustic décor in your home.

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